Course Registration

Registration for new students entering the College happens in multiple stages. New students register over the summer (fall entrants) or November (spring entrants) through my.mtholyoke, the College's online Student Information System. You will then have the opportunity to adjust your course registrations, as needed, once you arrive on campus.

Over the summer for fall entrants and October for spring entrants, the registrar will send you an email including the start and end dates of summer and November/December registration, respectively. my.mtholyoke will not accept registrations before the start date or after the end date but you may register during any of the weeks between.  If registering from afar, note that my.mtholyoke is not available between 4am and 6am EST daily, for system maintenance.

In order to access my.mtholyoke and register for classes, you must log on to my.mtholyoke by using your username and password. This is the same username and password you receive via email in May and use to submit your first-year seminar preferences before registration.  If you are in need of assistance regarding your user name/email ID before your arrival on campus, please contact the Admission Office at 413-538-2023.


Please visit the appropriate online course selection advice prior to beginning the registration process:

Detailed registration instructions are available within my.mtholyoke.  To access them, login to my.mtholyoke and type "course registration help" into the Search box. You'll get a link to the Self-Service for Students Course Registration and Bill-Payment information, with links to helpful documents.  I suggest you read the following, in this order

1) Search for Classes
2) Schedule Planning Worksheet
3) Preparing for Registration
4) Registration

If you have questions regarding the use of the online registration system, please call the Office of the Registrar, 413-538-2025, or email the registrar.  If you are unable to pre-register via my.mtholyoke, please do not worry. Send your course selections to the Office of the Registrar and staff will work with you on an individual basis.