Placement for Language, Math, Computer Science and Music

Placement exams and assessments should be completed before you register in order to be placed in the appropriate course. Please note: not everyone will take a placement exam before coming to MHC. It completely depends on the courses you are selecting. IF your choice requires a placement exam, you will find that information here. If you do not see an exam for your choice of course, you will simply register for the introductory course in that field. With the exception of Chinese, these exams are not timed. If you need your placement exam in an accessible format, please email the contact professor for that specific exam.

Computer Science Assessment

Students wishing to register for CompSci 150 or 205PY should be in touch with Barbara Lerner via email about completing the placement exam for these courses.

Language Placement

Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Students who have studied Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese prior to coming to Mount Holyoke are encouraged to consult with an appropriate professor of Asian Studies for advice on placement in correct course levels.

Students interested in studying French must take the placement exam, even if they have never before studied French.

German Studies
Students who wish to study German must complete the German Studies Placement Exam. Students with no previous knowledge of German may enroll in German 101.

Students interested in placement in the appropriate Greek language course should contact Geoff Sumi, professor of classics.


Mount Holyoke students who want to study Hebrew may register for those courses at either Smith (at the elementary level) or at UMass Amherst (at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels). In Fall of 2021, Smith's Elementary Modern Hebrew I (JUD-101) course will be simulcast to a room at Mount Holyoke College; participation in other courses would also be remote and by faculty permission. New students interested in taking one of these courses in Fall 2021 should contact Kim Parent during registration who will advise about completing five-college registration procedures at the start of the semester.

Students hoping to begin their Italian studies at a level higher than 101-102 should contact Ombretta Frau.

Students interested in enrolling in Latin 201 or above should contact Geoff Sumi about placement.

Russian and Eurasian Studies
Students who have previously studied Russian and are interested in continuing their study of the language should write to the chair of the Russian and Eurasian Studies department. Students with no prior work in Russian should register for RES 101.

Students who have previous knowledge of Spanish and wish to continue their study of Spanish while at Mount Holyoke must take a placement exam and complete a language proficiency questionnaire.

Mathematics Assessment

The mathematics assessment is for students planning to begin or prepare for the study of calculus. The results will assist the department in placing you in your first mathematics course. For questions about Math-100 or calculus placement, contact Margaret Robinson.

Music Exemption and Auditions

Fall 2020 Music 100 exemption exam dates will be in the first week of classes. Specific dates will be listed soon.

Refer to the Music Department website for more information.

For audition information about music lessons, small chamber ensembles, Orchestra, Choral, Jazz and Early Music Ensembles refer to Music News and Events.