Staff in the Office of Academic Deans are available to answer your questions or guide you to the appropriate person for assistance.  Please email or call 413-538-2855.

Class Dean for New Students

Kim Parent, Assistant Dean of Studies & Class Dean for New Students, is helpful to students who are seeking additional guidance concerning their academic programs and goals, or who are struggling with the adjustment to college. 

Peer Academic Advisors

Community Advisors (CAs)

The Community Advisors (CAs) are student staff who serve as peer advisors to members of their floor. There are three to six CAs in each residence hall, generally one per floor.  Each CA is responsible for the general welfare of the floor and developing the floor into a welcoming, inclusive and friendly community by getting to know the residents of the floor as well as encouraging them to get to know each other.  CAs are typically sophomores and juniors, and are trained as a peer advisors in community development, conflict management and resolution, programming, limits setting, various health-related issues, and interpersonal skills. Along with these skills, CAs are knowledgeable about campus and resources and will make referrals as necessary. Most importantly, the CA is available to each member of the floor for peer support.  CAs are selected for their desire to work with other students and create a positive living experience for others.

Department Liaisons

Department Liaisons are seniors and some juniors who have been recommended by departments and programs for their particular strengths in their majors. These students provide a helpful link to departments in planning events and relaying curricular information about the major. They are also helpful peer academic resources for new students as they make their way through their first-semester courses and plan their course choices for the spring semester. They are also important resources for sophomores who are in the process of choosing a major.

Your instructors, your faculty advisors, and the class deans should be your primary advisors on academic matters, but there are always times when a student’s point of view would be helpful to you. Department Liaisons are eager to answer your questions about courses within their majors, and about the experience of choosing their majors. You are encouraged to consult with them (any of them, not only those who might be in your residential hall).

Office of Residential Life

If you have questions about roommate assignments, contact the Office of Residential Life at 413-538-2088 or

Health/Counseling Center

  • Medical/Nursing
    Urgent Care and phone triage services are available to students 8 am-10 pm during the academic sessions by calling x2242. Appointments with a nurse practitioner or physician are available Monday-Wednesday, 9 am-7 pm and Thursday-Friday 9 am-4 pm. Public Safety and Service will provide transportation to the Health Center for urgent care, if appropriate. There is no charge to students for the nursing/medical visit, but there may be charges for lab, medication etc., depending on the student's health insurance.
  • Counseling Service
    The staff of the Counseling Service consists of psychologists and a psychiatrist who provide individual and group counseling, medication management, assessment and referral. Counseling staff provide on-call support to the nursing staff to respond to mental health crises 8am-10pm daily. There is no charge for visits to the counseling service.
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project
    Alcohol and other drug counseling, both individual and group, is available for students who may be experiencing problems with alcohol or other drugs or are in recovery; those who have concerns about a significant other or who feel they have been affected by another's drinking or other drug use. To schedule an appointment, please call ext 2616. There is no charge for any of the services of ADAP.
  • Additional information can be found on our Health Services site.

AccessAbility Services

This office assists students with documented disabilities who wish to seek accommodations. With proper documentation, students can arrange for reduced course loads, if necessary, with the approval of Kaitlin Molloy, Senior Accommodatin Coordinator, or Melissa Ebbling, Accommodation Coordinator within the AccessAbility Services office.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center helps students engage in reflection and integration of your experiences in the context of a comprehensive career development program that includes internships, fellowship and graduate school advising, community service opportunities, student on-campus employment, career counseling, and employment service.

Faculty and Department Chair Office Hours

Students should make good use of faculty and department chair office hours for questions about courses and majors. Browse the list of Majors and Minors to review faculty members, office hours, and contact information.

Library, Information and Technology Services

LITS' Research Services team practices a welcoming and compassionate approach to helping students achieve their learning and research goals. They support student research success by teaching how to effectively and ethically discover, evaluate, use, cite, and create information in all its formats. They work alongside students through one-on-one consultations, classroom visits, at the Research Help Desk, via online tutorials and guides and as embedded instructors.

Office of the Registrar

For questions about credit transfer, meeting requirements, AP credits, course registration in my.mtholyoke, or policies on adding and dropping, please see the Office of the Registrar.

Weissman Center and the SAW program

Writing and speaking mentors have been assigned to many first-year courses. Writing assistants at SAW are helpful to students as they work on drafts of their papers. Any student who is having difficulty writing papers should be sure to set up an appointment both with her instructor and with a writing assistant at SAW (ext. 2651).

Student Financial Services

For questions about tuition, billing, and financial aid, please see Student Financial Services.