Spring Entrants

Graduation Plan Options

If you are not taking courses elsewhere in the fall for credit transfer, you may:

  • Complete your required number of credits at Mount Holyoke and finish in December of your graduation year. (Please note that degrees are conferred three times a year, in May, October and March, but there is only one commencement ceremony in May of each year).
  • Set up a plan for making up credits in consultation with an academic dean or faculty advisor in order to complete the 128 credits required for graduation in May of your graduation year. Your plan may include summer school or an additional 2-4 credits beyond your 16-credit program, preferably after your first semester at Mount Holyoke. We do not recommend taking credit overloads, but it is sometimes possible to do so effectively with careful planning in your sophomore through senior year.

If you have taken courses elsewhere in the summer or fall, please see the information below about credit transfer. The credit transfer will count toward the 128 credits required for graduation. If you transfer in a minimum 16 credits, you will not need to follow any of the options above to graduate in May 2022.

Credit Transfer

Some general guidelines for credit transfer are below, but please consult the Registrar's website for official policies and regulations.

  • If you plan to take courses elsewhere during the fall, select courses similar to those you would be taking at Mount Holyoke and submit your plan to the Registrar for pre-approval via the online Pre-Matriculation Form that the Office of Admission will make available in late May.  (That's the preferred method.  However, if you are inquiring earlier, you can email your inquiry to registrar@mtholyoke.edu and include a copy of the course description.) In general, Mount Holyoke accepts credit from any regionally-accredited institution for courses which are part of a standard liberal arts curriculum.
  • In order for the credit to transfer, your grade must be C- or better.
  • When your work is completed and grades are recorded, be sure to ask the registrar at the school you attend to send an official transcript directly to Mount Holyoke’s Registrar.

Credits toward Distribution Requirements

In addition to credit transfer to be counted toward graduation, you may satisfy some distribution requirements in advance.

  • If you would like advice in advance on whether a course is likely to meet a distribution requirement, as above complete the Pre-Matriculation Form which the Office of Admission will make available online to enrolled students in late May.  You may also email the registrar (registrar@mtholyoke.edu) and include a copy of the appropriate course description for her review.
  • Final decisions about granting distribution credit will be made when your transcript has arrived at Mount Holyoke. In many cases, the final decision rests with a department Chair.

For those Considering a Career in the Health Professions

Click here if you are considering Biology as a major or participating in the pre-health track.

Additional Information on Advance Placement Policies

Click here for helpful information on transferring in advanced placement credit.

Study Abroad

Spring entrants may study abroad for a semester or year according to the same requirements as fall entrants.  If you are considering studying abroad in a language other than English, you should take a course in that language in your first semester here, if possible.  Most beginning language courses (except for the intensive courses in German, Spanish, and Italian) are offered only in the fall semester, so you will have to wait until fall to begin other languages.