Understanding the Curriculum

Degree Requirements

To graduate, you must complete a minimum of 128 credits, 64 of which must be taken at Mount Holyoke during your sophomore, junior, and senior years. Two of the last three years must be spent on the Mount Holyoke campus. One of the last three years may be spent in an academic program at another institution. To receive a Mount Holyoke College degree, you must have a minimum average of 2.0, meet the College and distribution requirements, and complete the requirements of a major.

Can a single course be used to fulfill the requirements of...

  • Both a major and a second major: No
  • Both a major and a minor (regardless of whether departmental, interdisciplinary, or Nexus): No
  • Both a major and a Five College certificate: Yes
  • Both a minor and a Five College certificate: Yes
  • Both the Multicultural Perspectives requirement and any other requirement: Yes
  • Any distribution requirement and a major: Yes
  • Any distribution requirement and a minor: Yes
  • Any first-year seminar, Multicultural Perspectives, and distribution requirement (Humanities, Social Science, Science/Math): No

(Find complete requirement details in the Course Catalogue.)

Majors and Minors

You are not expected to declare your major until the second semester of your sophomore year, and you may also choose to pursue a second major, a minor, or a Nexus program.   In place of a minor you can complete one of the Five College Certificate Programs.  If you decide to pursue a minor, you will not be required to declare until the spring of your junior year.  More information about major and minor requirements can be found in the Catalogue

Physical Education

Students should earn 4 physical education units by the end of the junior year, starting from the first year.  Two units are required for transfer students and Frances Perkins Scholars. Physical education units are not academic credits and do not count toward the 128 academic credits required to graduate.