Incompletes and Extensions

During the semester, course instructors have full discretion with regard to the granting of extensions when students need extra time to complete assignments or examinations. At the end of the semester, however, a student who needs an extension must consult with other offices. In order to be eligible for an extension to complete work for a course beyond the end of the semester a student must experience an acute medical or personal emergency that could not have been anticipated which prevents them from completing the final work in a course. Students must request an "Incomplete" from the director of Health Services, the director of the Counseling Service, or from a class Dean no later than the last day of the examination period. Although these offices may authorize an extension, the course instructor still must approve it. Ordinarily, extensions are granted only for students who are otherwise in good academic standing in a course (i.e., have been attending regularly and have submitted other coursework in a timely fashion) and have only one final assignment (final paper or exam) to complete. If the incomplete is authorized and then approved by the instructor, the student will be given a date by which to complete the course work. This date should be as early as possible and should not extend beyond the first day of classes of the following semester.

Students seeking an "Incomplete" as an accommodation based on a disability should make that request through the director of AccessAbility Services. The director of AccessAbility Services will evaluate the request using an interactive process in consultation with the instructor. Students requesting an "Incomplete" due to a disability are encouraged to review the AccessAbility Services Manual for additional information.

According to College policy, faculty are not allowed to accept work after the noon deadline on the last day of the examination period unless a student has an authorized extension from one of the offices noted above. Students are strongly advised to plan ahead as much as possible and request an authorized extension from the appropriate office BEFORE the end of the examination period.