Junior Planning

Dear Juniors,

As you begin your junior year, you’re likely starting to settle into your major here or embarking upon study abroad. This is a great year for focusing your academic study and cultivating relationships with faculty. You’ll also begin to look beyond college and think about your career aspirations or intention to pursue graduate or professional study. With two years of college under your belt, hopefully you’re feeling more confident about your study strategies and time management skills and can strike a good balance between academics, co-curricular activities, and social time.

This is a good time to take stock of where you are in your Mount Holyoke career, both in- and outside of the classroom. Careful planning in your junior year will pave the way for a smooth senior year. Check my.mtholyoke and become familiar with your degree audit – how are you making progress towards graduation? What classes do you want or need to take in the next two years? Think about your participation in student organizations – are you beginning to take on a leadership role? As you consider internships, what types of skills would you like to develop and what kinds of experiences will benefit you? Last but not least, how is your personal well-being? Self-care is important.

There is a wealth of resources and opportunities at Mount Holyoke to help you as you focus your academic program and begin to think more about the future. As your class dean, I am here to help you with any questions or concerns and provide support along the way. You may call 413-538-2855 to schedule an appointment with me or visit during drop-in times with a quick question.


Alison Roberts Hopkins
Class Dean for Sophomores and Juniors