Major Declaration

major declaration buttons


Sophomores must declare their major during the second semester of their sophomore year. The actual date varies by year, but it is chosen to be in the first half of the second semester, so that students will have time to be assigned an advisor in their major before advising period for the fall.

To declare a major, students complete the “Declaration of Major,” meet with the chair of the major department, and submit the form signed by the chair to the Registrar’s Office located in the basement of Mary Lyon Hall.  Students can request a specific advisor in their major, or the chair will assign an advisor based on the conversation at the major selection meeting.

Students who do not declare a major by the deadline will be subject to a registration hold during the upcoming registration period.

What if I don’t know what my major should be?

It can sometimes feel as though everyone else has it all figured out…but rest assured, uncertainty is very common among sophomores, especially at liberal arts colleges.  Explore major ideas by:

  • Checking the list! See what majors, minors, and other areas of study are available.
  • Meeting with your current academic advisor to review your academic history, interests, and career  goals
  • Meeting with a career counselor in the Career Development Center and utilizing their resources
  • Attending a Department Tea
  • Talking with juniors and seniors in potential major departments.  Every department has assigned students as Department Liaisons who will be more than happy to talk with you about their experiences.
  • Discussing your ideas with your Class Dean, Alison Hopkins.  You can make an appointment to meet with her by calling 413-538-2855, or stop by her office on the 3rd floor of Mary Lyon Hall during her drop in hours.