Senior Strategies

Dear Seniors,

This year will be exhilarating and, at times, demanding. I’m sure you will feel a mix of things—memories that stretch back to your first year as well as anticipation of the future. I encourage you to get the most that you can out of this last year at Mount Holyoke, and to take good care of yourselves through the process. Challenge yourselves, but also work on maintaining balance. Your academic work will be that much stronger if you take time as well for a walk around the lake, a relaxing dinner, coffee at Rao’s with a friend or professor, and conversation with members of the community.

Remember as you begin your senior year to use the available tools to check if you are satisfying all graduation requirements: Through my.mtholyoke, you now have available your transcript and a degree audit that outlines your credits and your progress in meeting college requirements. Review these now and see the assistant registrar, Lori Widmer-Hinckley (x2555), if you have specific questions or are worried there might be a problem. Pay attention to and respond to any emails you receive from the Registrar’s Office in this senior year. Check your MHC email for critical messages.

Check requirements within your major:

See your advisor in your major if you are not sure about major requirements. Look at the College bulletin for a review of all graduation requirements. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE FOR THIS IF YOU WANT TO GRADUATE. If you review your degree audit now, you still have time to meet most requirements. This will not be the case in February. If you find there are concerns about graduation, you can arrange an appointment with me after meeting with your advisor, the department chair if necessary, and Lori Widmer-Hinckley in the Registrar’s office.

This is an extremely important time for you to have a faculty advisor. If your advisor has gone on leave and you are not sure who your new advisor might be, contact the chair of your department immediately so that a new advisor can be arranged.  You will need a faculty advisor for November registration. I will not sign for an advisor or authorize you for registration without permission from an advisor because it is crucial that you are working with a faculty member in your department.

I wish you all the best and congratulate you on your accomplishments thus far as you begin your senior year!

All the best,
Amy Rodgers, Senior Class Dean