Semester in Environmental Science Program

Application for an Academic Leave of Absence

The Semester in Environmental Science (SES) is an intensive, 15-week program that immerses students in rigorous field and laboratory work, lectures, and independent research in environmental and ecosystems sciences at one of the world’s leading marine laboratories. Through the Semester in Environmental Science, students interact with internationally distinguished environmental scientists and science writers. SES is primarily for juniors, and is offered only in the fall semester.

Students apply directly to MBL for admission to the program (see web site for deadline), and must also submit Mount Holyoke’s application for academic leave of absence to the Office of Academic Deans (deadline March 1). Program participants pay tuition and fees directly to MBL.  Students are encouraged to apply to MBL for need-based aid.

For more information about the program, contact Thomas Millette, Associate Professor of Geography, or Jill Bubier, Professor of Environmental Studies.