Amber Douglas

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education; Dean of Studies; Director of Student Success Initiatives

Amber Douglas is a licensed clinical psychologist. She teaches courses related to psychological distress, mental health, trauma, resilience and research methods. Her work lies at the intersection of social psychology and clinical psychology, specifically the interactions between social contexts and individual differences. She examines the impact of traumatic stress on cognitive processes, interpersonal health, and mental health in her work. In addition, Douglas investigates how race and other aspects of identity intersect with one’s appraisal and experience of stress, trauma and psychological well-being. Most recently, her work examines the role of psychological distress and resilience in academic contexts.

Photo of Amber Douglas

Kathryn Eldred

Senior Administrative Assistant

Kat Eldred supports the Dean and Assistant Dean of Studies and is the coordinator of domestic exchange programs including the Twelve College Exchange Program.  She processes readmission and withdrawal applications, supports the Academic Honor Board and supports the Dean of Studies with regards to processing special majors, language exemptions and credit overloads.

Alison Hopkins

Dean for the Sophomore and Junior Class

In her role as Class Dean, Alison Hopkins provides academic support to sophomores and juniors, including transfer students and Francis Perkins Scholars. This work includes helping students explore their interests within the liberal arts curriculum; identifying individualized strategies for academic success; and connecting students with faculty and staff across the College. Alison also assists students who are considering taking a leave of absence and those who need guidance in developing graduation plans.

Ryan Lewis

National Fellowships Advisor

In the role of National Fellowships Advisor, Ryan Lewis recruits Mount Holyoke students and alumnae to apply for national fellowship competitions such as the Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, Churchill, and many others. He advises candidates on determining how these opportunities may help them achieve their academic and personal goals, and supports them as they prepare their applications. Lewis also facilitates the internal endorsement process of several fellowship committees made up of members of the faculty and chaired by the Dean of Studies.

Kimberly Parent

Assistant Dean of Studies and Class Dean for New Students

Kim Parent provides academic and transitional guidance to new students in their first-year at the College.  In this role, Kim oversees the pre-major advisor assignment for first-year students and serves as a member of the Academic Administrative Board.  She also acts as the Assistant Dean of Studies and has been working with MHC students since 2006 through various positions on campus.

Amy Rodgers

Associate Professor of English; Dean for the Senior Class; Chair of Theatre Arts

Amy Rodgers' research focuses on early modern literature and culture, audience and popular culture studies, theories of adaptation, and dance studies. Her publications include essays on the Renaissance court masque, Hindi-language cinema director Vishal Bhardwaj, Shakespeare's history plays' influence on HBO's Game of Thrones, and performance genealogies that cross different communicative forms, particularly theater and dance. In her role as Dean for the Senior Class, Rodgers focuses on offering additional academic guidance to seniors as they progress toward graduation and shape their goals for the future; she also supports faculty advisors and department chairs in their work with seniors.

Amy Rodgers Assistant Professor of English