Weed Summer Research Scholars Program

2012 Weed Recipients | 2012 Weed Mentors | Faculty Committee

Mount Holyoke College is pleased to announce the expansion of the Weed Summer Research Scholars Program. We remained committed to providing African American, Asian American, Latina, and Native American students with the opportunity to work on a distinctive research project with the support of a faculty mentor.  Our expansion will enable us to provide additional resources and activities that will better prepare our scholars for graduate study.  These include:

  • Regular meetings with a faculty mentor
  • Continuing summer research with a 295/395 during the fall and spring semesters
  • Financial assistance for attending conferences
  • Attending academic and leadership Workshops
  • Attending the Faculty Lecture Series
  • Attending Monthly Pizza Parties
  • Presenting research at the LEAP Symposium in the fall
  • Serving as a student mentor to new Weed fellows
  • Publishing research in the Weed Fellows Journal

Indeed, it is our hope that our fellows will pursue a PhD in humanities, arts, and social sciences, thereby working to increase the diversity in the academy.