Withdrawals and Readmission

Voluntary Withdrawal

Official written notification must be given by the student in order to withdraw from the College.  If a student decides to withdraw mid-semester, she must meet with her class dean for an exit interview and bring the completed Withdrawal Notification to the meeting.  If the effective date of the withdrawal is before the first day of classes, her semester's courses will be dropped from her transcript.  However, if the effective date of the withdrawal is after the first day of classes, she will be withdrawn from her courses and they will remain on her transcript with a grade of "W".  Failure to complete the withdrawal procedures may result in failing grades.  If a student decides to withdraw while she is not on campus (winter or summer break), she may email, fax, or mail her Withdrawal Notification to the Office of Academic Deans and contact her class dean via email for approval.

A student should contact Student Financial Services to determine how her withdrawal will affect her financial aid.  A partial tuition refund may also be available to her.

Other Withdrawals

The College reserves the right to require a student to withdraw for academic deficiency, on payment, illness or disciplinary infraction.  Such withdrawals are initiated by the appropriate office which also handles notification to the student.


Students who are withdrawn from the College may apply for readmission through a separate process from the Admissions Office.  Students should complete a readmission application and return it to the Office of Academic Deans.  There is a non-refundable $75 processing fee.  Deadlines are March 15 for fall admission and October 15 for spring admission.