AccessAbility Services

Welcome to AccessAbility Services!

The College is committed to providing students with disabilities equal access to the academic programs, social programs, and services of the College.  All qualified students with disabilities are eligible to request and receive reasonable accommodations to ensure you are not denied the benefits of, or excluded from participation in, or otherwise discriminated against on the basis of your disability in the programs, activities, and services of the College.  AccessAbility Services was established to facilitate equal opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in all programs and activities at Mount Holyoke College. The efforts of AccessAbility Services are part of the college’s overall commitment to diversity. 

Formerly Disability Services, the office was retitled to AccessAbility Services in June of 2012. This name change signifies our focus on the access of the college and the ability of each student. Our hope is to reduce the stigma that some students have expressed about coming to our office for assistance.
AccessAbility Services is the only designated office at the College for students to voluntarily disclose a disability (ies), submit appropriate documentation for verification, and request accommodations.  AccessAbility Services coordinates and provides accommodations and support services to students with all types of disabilities. The College appreciates that everyone is unique; therefore, the access needs of each student who registers with AccessAbility Services is considered on a case-by-case basis. We provide appropriate and necessary accommodations and services while supporting each student in developing the skills to lead an independent life. The primary goal of AccessAbility Services is to assist individuals with disabilities in fully participating in and having access to all of the programs and activities of the College. 
Under the umbrella of the division of Student Affairs, AccessAbility Services collaborates with all departments of the College and engages in proactive institutional planning to ensure that the College is meeting the diverse needs of the student body. We welcome feedback, suggestions and volunteer support. AccessAbility Services calls upon the entire College community to facilitate and advocate for the best campus environment possible for students with disabilities.
Please take the time to consider identifying yourself to the office of AccessAbility Services if you have a disability and if you think you might need accommodations. We make it our mission to work individually with students through all aspects of college life, whether it is academic or social.  AccessAbility Services understands that some students may be reluctant to register with our office for a various reasons such as the desire maintain the independence associated with beginning college life, or to protect privacy, or in a desire to "fit in”.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE; many people within our College community and throughout the world have a disability.  It is important for students to know that to the extent possible we will not share information about the nature of your disability.

Deborah L. Cohen, Director
Liza Manchester, Learning Specialist
Emily Dean, Technology Access Coordinator 
Melissa Ebbeling, Senior Administrative Assistant

Rene Davis, Section 504 Coordinator 


AccessAbility Services is located on the ground level of Wilder Hall.
Enter through the rear door of the building, which is wheelchair accessible.
Please visit room B4 to check in.