4Ps of Problem Solving Papers

1. Define the Problem

  • Look over previous papers to use as feedback to improve.
  • Audience?
  • Goal of the assignment? Goal of your writing?
  • Thesis --Title.
  • Structure -- make a map or skeleton outline.
  • Readings -- Research.
  • How do you feel about the paper?

2. Generate the Possibilities

  • Brainstorm on note cards - remember not to judge!
  • Talk about it - tape it (don't edit your ideas).
  • Journal about the paper, draw it out on paper, doodle ideas.
  • Free write ideas and cut and paste.
  • What story do you want to tell or points do you want to make?
  • Supporting evidence - ideas, points, examples, "quotes"

3. Create a Plan

  • Begin to plan at least 1-2 weeks before due date!
  • Build a working outline or mindmap.
  • Talk to instructor.
  • Fill in working outline with examples and quotes.
  • Break down the paper and what you need to do into parts!
  • Put one-hour slots in your time management book.
  • Rewards?

4. Perform Your Plan

  • Do the tasks as planned over one or two weeks!
  • Checklist of parts of tasks or pieces of the paper.
  • Rewards?
  • Keep your sights on personal improvement not grades.
  • Special place to write or inspire yourself?
  • Edit and transitions.
  • When you get it back, use the information as FEEDBACK!