Accommodations Overview

What is an Accommodation?

An accommodation is a legally mandated modification or service that gives a student with a disability an equal opportunity to benefit from the educational process. Accommodations are provided at no cost to the student. An accommodation may be:

  • Changes to an environment or task to allow a student with a disability to participate
  • Provision of course material in alternate format
  • Removal of architectural barriers
  • Modifications to policies, practices, and procedures
  • Provision of auxiliary aids and services
  • Other adaptations and modifications that will allow students to participate in campus activities, programs, and services

Reasonable accommodations are not intended to eliminate a student’s disability or responsibilities, but to support the student’s own efforts to circumvent obstacles to learning. Accommodations should not lower academic standards or compromise the integrity of academic programs. Students receiving accommodations are expected to meet essential course and degree requirements and to abide by the college’s Honor Code. Accommodations are not substitutions for faculty academic decisions such as course content, grading, or syllabus requirements. These determinations are not within the jurisdiction of AccessAbility Services.

Examples of Accommodations

Classroom Accommodations: preferential seating, excused disability-related absences, extensions on assignments, captioning, course material in alternate format, sign language interpreter, assistive technology, permission to take breaks, permission to bring a beverage or snack, accessible furniture, recording device, laptop, note taker, lab assistant, service animal, personal care attendant

Testing Accommodations: extended time, reduced-distraction location, reader, scribe, computer for essay exams, spell/grammar check, calculator, other assistive technology, breaks, alternate format such as large print, audio text, braille, lined paper instead of Scantron, oral instead of essay, essay instead of oral, permission to stagger or make up missed exams

Housing Accommodations: single, private bathroom, wheelchair accessible, quiet floor, ground level, bed shaker, strobe light, outside light switch, alternate door handles and light switches, hand rails, Braille signage, air conditioning, scent free/non-toxic

Alternate Courses and Waivers: foreign language substitution, modified or waived exercise courses, other course substitution or waiver

Other Accommodations: relocation of classes/events/meetings to an accessible location, accessible parking or transportation, full time status and privileges with reduced course load