Campus Access

Campus Access Accommodations and General Information

Accessible Parking

Parking in designated handicapped spaces is prohibited unless you have an approved and displayed handicap parking permit, decal, or license plate. Students who display the appropriate handicap-parking permit may park in any parking space in any campus lot, except those specifically reserved for service vehicles. See the College’s Parking Policy for more information regarding parking in accessible parking spaces.

ARC Shuttle

Access Ride Card (ARC) is the College's campus transportation for students with temporary or permanent disabilities that affect their mobility. Students who are given an Access Ride Card are welcome to use this service to attend classes, meals, go to the library, and attend lectures and social events on campus. Please click here for more information on ARC eligibility and hours of operation.

Architectural Barrier

When students experience an architectural barrier to a college building or to an area of campus, students should fill out the barrier reporting form located on the Access & Inclusion page of our website.

While some problems can be easily remedied, others may require extensive repair or modifications. In such situations with ample advance notice, alternate solutions may be considered, such as moving a course or activity to another location. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate last minute requests.

Walking Partner

For students with visual impairments AccessAbility Services can coordinate walking partners upon request. This accommodation does not take the place of formal mobility orientation provided by state rehabilitation services.

Adverse Weather

There may be occasions during the academic year where adverse weather conditions call for the delayed opening, early closing, or cancellation of classes, programs, activities, or services. Should you encounter a barrier due to adverse weather, please call Facilities Management at 413-538-2012 in addition to completing the Access Barrier form. For after-hours (4:00 PM to 7:00 AM), please call Campus Police at 413-538-2304. 

In addition, AccessAbility Services coordinates a priority snow plow list accommodation for students with certain disabilities. Eligible students are asked to meet with AccessAbility Services to map out their routes around campus. These routes are prioritized by facilities and grounds when clearing the campus of snow and ice.