Creating a Winning Syllabus

A Winning Syllabus Includes:

Your contact information including a campus phone number, email address, office hours, office location

  • An overview of the course including any pre-requisites
  • A detailed outline of all assignments with due dates
  • Your required reading list (post this during registration time)
  • Dates of all quizzes and exams and their allotted time
  • An invitation to disclose a disability and request accommodations
  • An explanation of how you grade
  • Your expectations for class participation and requirements for class activities outside of scheduled class hours. Be specific
  • Your attendance policy as it relates to course activities and grading
  • Guidelines for appropriate classroom behavior
  • A statement about academic integrity and the College’s Honor Code 
  • Withdrawing from courses or the college mid-semester may affect a student’s ability to graduate on time as well as financial aid benefits. Please encourage students to speak with their academic dean, AccessAbility Services counselor, and with someone in Student Financial Services before withdrawing.
  • Students with disabilities may be eligible to maintain full-time status with a reduced course load. If a student is requesting this option, consider academic and financial implications. Things to consider: Are there prerequisite courses that are only offered alternating semesters? Will taking a reduced course load impact the student’s ability to graduate with her class? Can she take summer courses? If she is on a scholarship, will it cover her tuition if she needs to stay an extra semester? Refer students to AccessAbility Services to request the reduced course load accommodation. Consult with colleagues including the Academic Deans and Director of Student Financial Services to discuss if and how a reduced course load would impact the student.