Emergency Information Relevant to Students with Disabilities

All students are encouraged to program the number for the campus police into your cell phone:

Campus Police: 413-538-2304

Students who have sensory, mobility or chronic health impairments that may affect their ability to evacuate a building in the case of emergency are to notify AccessAbility Services. Such students will be placed on the campus Emergency List that is distributed to all campus emergency personnel. Such students are also encouraged to:

  • Schedule an appointment with AccessAbility Services to create an Individualized Emergency Plan that will address what to do in case of fire, environmental hazard or other emergency situation; discuss accommodations for safety, such as emergency notification equipment in your dorm room, accessible dorm room and course location;  and other helpful strategies to ensure your safety
  • Speak with your professors and residential staff at the beginning of each semester to discuss evacuation procedures and other safety concerns

If you are in your classroom or residence hall and are aware that an alarm has been activated, leave the building immediately if you are able to do so. If you need assistance evacuating a building, call the police to notify them of your location. If telephones are not available in your classroom, contact the police by emergency or courtesy phones located throughout the buildings. Wait in your classroom or area of refuge (if available) with the doors closed until assistance arrives. Elevators should not be used under any circumstance once an alarm has been activated.