Extended Absences

If you will be required to miss an extended amount of school due to surgery, mental health care or other foreseen medical reason, contact AccessAbility Services and your professors immediately to discuss whether your absence can be accommodated. The format of many courses is such that regular attendance is necessary in order to fulfill the requirements of the course.

In some cases, AccessAbility Services can help to accommodate students for extended medically excused absences. We can help to request extensions for class assignments and exams from professors. Please note that due to the format of some courses, the time of year the incident takes place, and other mitigating factors, the student may be encouraged to withdraw from or take an incomplete in the course.

In order to receive accommodations, the student must notify AccessAbility Services as soon as possible and provide AccessAbility Services with medical documentation. Acceptable medical documentation would be a doctor's note, printed on letterhead, which includes a description of the medical condition, why it prevents the student from attending school, treatment the student is receiving, date of onset and projected date of return to campus. A doctor's signature is also required. AccessAbility Services will contact faculty to discuss accommodation options. 

Military Related Absences

Students who will miss classes due to military obligations are encouraged to speak with their Academic Dean or the Dean of Student Affairs for assistance.