Final Exam Information 2014

Spring 2014 Final Exam Information for AccessAbility Services Students

1. Picking up your self-scheduled exam

If your exam is self-scheduled, pick up your exam in Hooker Auditorium at the beginning of one of the scheduled exam sessions. Remember to bring your One Card. We recommend bringing a watch as well.

The list of available exam sessions can be found at:

If you require assistance to pick up your exam from the Exam Center in Hooker, please email, or call the office at 413-538-2634 ;by the last day of classes, April 28th, to request this accommodation.

2. Taking your self-scheduled exam

a. If you are taking the exam with extended time, you will take your exam in one of the approved testing rooms, using up to double time if needed. A list of approved rooms will be posted in Hooker.

Please note: Examination periods are two hours in length with thirty minutes allotted travel time. Double time therefore constitutes four hours of testing time and thirty minutes travel time.

b. If you are taking the exam with extended time in a distraction-reduced setting, you may take your exam in one of the following rooms:

  • Clapp 206, Clapp 218
  • Kendade 107, Kendade 203, Kendade 229, Kendade 304
  • Library 618
  • Shattuck 203, Shattuck 217, Shattuck 319
  • Skinner 301, Skinner 210

In order to maintain confidentiality, the distraction-reduced rooms will not be advertised at the Exam Center or otherwise marked with the exception of a “Reserved” sign on each door.

We kindly ask that there are no more than three students in any given room in order to maintain a distraction-reduced testing environment. There is transit time built into the exam period so that you may locate a testing room that will work well for you. You may want to consider visiting these spaces ahead of time so that you can make the best decision on test day. You may take up to double time in any reserved distraction-reduced room.

c. If you are taking the exam with the use of a computer or assistive technology, contact our office by the last day of classes, April 28th, to discuss logistics and reserve space.

3.   Returning Your Self-Scheduled Exam

The Exam Center in Hooker Auditorium is open only during the hours listed here,

If you finish your exam and the Exam Center is closed, take your exam to the Registrar's Office located on the lower level of Mary Lyon Hall. If it is past 5:00 p.m., you will need to take your exam to Campus Police. Go in through the main door and give the exam to the Officer at the Campus Police Dispatch Window.

Students in need of assistance returning their exams after hours should contact the Campus Police at (413) 538-2304.

Five College Exams

If you need accommodations for a final exam in an off-campus Five College course, you must inform the disability services office on the appropriate campus by the deadline they have set forth. Late requests may not be able to be accommodated.

Five College disability services contact information can be found at: