Five College Classes

Five College students taking Mount Holyoke College Classes

Welcome to Mount Holyoke College! AccessAbility Services is the designated office at MHC that provides accommodations for students with disabilities. AccessAbility Services is located on the third floor of Mary Lyon Hall (the building with the clock tower). Please email or drop off a copy of your Five College Accommodation Request Form and schedule a time to meet with an accommodation coordinator to discuss how accommodations are implemented here at MHC.

Before your appointment, we may need to reach out to your home institution if we have questions about whether the way we administer accommodations will effectively meet your needs.

During that appointment with an accommodation coordinator, you will get copies of your Mount Holyoke College Accommodation Letter that lists your approved accommodations. Students are expected to meet with their faculty to review their accommodations and how those accommodations will be implemented in their class. If students have any questions or concerns about implementation of their accommodations at MHC, they should contact AccessAbility Services as soon as possible.

Mount Holyoke College students taking Five College Classes

To access accommodations while taking a Five College Class, please visit our Five College classes page on my.mtholyoke for more information. If you have any questions or concerns about implementation of your accommodations in a Five College Class, you should contact the disability services office on that campus as soon as possible. If you are having difficulty connecting with the disability services office at one of the Five Colleges, please let us know so that we can assist you in connecting with them.