Accommodations Appeal Process

An appeal may be filed by any student that believes an appropriate accommodations has been denied to her. Please note Mount Holyoke College has the right to deny a request for an accommodation if an individual fails to provide the required documentation, the provided documentation does not support the requested accommodation, the student fails to make the request in a reasonable time period, the request poses a health or safety risk, or the requested accommodation imposes an undue burden or fundamental alteration to a program, service, or activity.  The College's grievance procedure is the vehicle in which students can bring forward concerns regarding the process for obtaining or receiving accommodations, denial of a requested accommodation, or complainant of discrimination on the basis of disability. Students interested in using the campus grievance procedure for disability-based complaints should meet with the Section 504 Coordinator.

A student who has been denied an accommodation or is not satisfied with an accommodation decision received from  AccessAbility Services can appeal a decision regarding a requested accommodation if:

  1. The student has registered with AccessAbility Services and has submitted a Clinician Disability Certification Form with appropriate supporting documentation.
  2. The student has met with an Accommodations Coordinator and has made a request for an accommodation in accordance with required procedures.

If the requirements above are not met, the student should meet with AccessAbility Services to register with the Office, provide appropriate documentation, and request accommodations. Only after the student has met these requirements and a decision regarding the requested accommodation is denied, may a complaint of denial of a request accommodation be submitted.

The appeal's complaint process begins with notice of a complaint to the Section 504 Coordinator. We encourage students to file a complaint regarding the denial of an requested accommodation should as soon as possible after the student has been notified in writing (including email notification) of the decision to deny the accommodation.