Moodle Resources and E-Reserves

  • Whenever possible, source reading materials from the library databases as these are most often accessible full-text PDF files. Contact your RIS liaison if you need assistance with this.
  • If digital materials are not readily available and you will be copying/scanning to create PDF files, please consider the following guidelines:
  • Select “clean” source materials free of underlining, margin notes, or highlights and avoid materials that have been copied multiple times. It is always best to copy/scan directly from the book or journal source using the Xerox Multifunction Devices (MFD).
  • Be consistent with filenames on Moodle to ensure they match the syllabus reference. Recommended format: author’s last name and title.
  • Post your materials at least two weeks before they are due in class. This allows us time to further digitize if necessary and still provide the student time to complete the reading.
  • Utilize the “book scanning” features of the MFD’s whenever possible. If you need assistance, please see your department administrator or contact Emily Dean at or extension 2524.

Always scan in black and white. Do not use the “auto detect” setting on the MFD.