Accommodation Process

Once a student has registered with AAS and accommodations are approved students have the responsibility to:

  • Request accommodations using our online request forms
    • Academic Acommodations Request Form (AARF) - request every semester
    • Housing Accommodation Request Form - request once a year
    • Dining Accommodations Request Form- request once a year 
    • Jobs Accommodation Request Form - TBA
  • Students can request accommodations at any point of the semester but please note housing accommodations in particular are dependent on availability.
  • For academic, dining, or job accommodations, students must pick up accommodation letters from AccessAbility Services. No accommodation letters are provided for housing accommodations.

  • Bring letters to professor or other person responsible for implementing accommodation (dining/job) and discuss the logistics of each accommodation. *Please note that this is a very important student responsibility because without this notification, a faculty member will not know that an accommodation has been requested and approved and will not know to provide you with an approved accommodation. 

Important notes

  • AccessAbility Services does not provide the accommodation letters to instructors.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive. Students will only receive accommodations once the letter is presented.
  • Last minute or retroactive requests for testing accommodations will only be considered in the case of medical emergencies. In such cases, appropriate medical documentation must be provided to AccessAbility Services.
  • For extensions past the College's designated finals period please click here for more information on incomplete work.
  • To request new or revised accommodations, schedule an appointment with AAS
  • Please click this link for information regarding denied accommodations, the grievance procedure, and access issues.

Certain accommodations require time to process and coordinate. Please see below for specific guidelines.

 Accommodation  Neccesary Processing Time


 2 weeks before tests

 ALT Format

 To ensure that course materials are ready for the first day of classes, students must submit requests 4 weeks before the semester begins.  Requests are processed as they are received.  Additional requests require 2 weeks notice once the semester beings.
 Braille takes longer: Acquiring materials in Braille can take many months to coordinate.  We ask any student needing materials in Braille to be in touch with our office at least 3 months in advance. 


 2 weeks





 Study Abroad