Apply to AccessAbility Services

There are three steps when applying to AccessAbility Services. The college will provide accommodations and services after a student has completed all three steps and AccessAbility Services has determined that the student is eligible for accommodations in accordance with Section 504 and the ADA.

Step 1: Complete the AccessAbility Services Application Form on My Mount Holyoke.

Step 2: Provide documentation. Submit by means of fax, email, or mail.  

Please note: The obligations under Section 504 to a student in elementary and secondary school are different from the obligations in post-secondary school.  Please refer to the OCR pamphlet for students preparing for post-secondary school:

Step 3: Schedule an intake appointment. 

Contact AccessAbility Services as soon as possible after applying and submitting documentation to schedule an intake appointment. Appointments are in person, by skype, or by phone. Avoid waiting until the last minute!

To schedule an appointment, please call 413-538-2634.