Accommodation Difficulties

Mount Holyoke College is committed to providing equal access to students with disabilities in an integrated learning environment.   The College’s Nondiscrimination statement protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination at the College.  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (and their related amendments) also protect qualified students with disabilities from discrimination in programs, activities and services of the College.   Examples of discrimination include:

- A physical barrier denying one access to a building; 
- Denial of an approved accommodation; 
- Differential treatment based on your disability; 
- Refusal to allow a service dog into entrance to a campus building or program.

If you experience a physical barrier, unwelcome verbal, physical, or other conduct based on your disability, report it immediately.  You can report these matters to the College in three ways:
Email, phone call  or visit to AccessAbility Services; 
Email, phone call, or visit to the Section 504 Coordinator; 
- Submission through our online barrier reporting form
The College uses its Grievance Procedure to review and resolve reports or allegations of discrimination.   
If you disagree with an accommodation decision made by AAS staff, you may appeal their decision to the Section 504 Coordinator.   Email, call, or visit the Section 504 Coordinator to set up a meeting to review the accommodation decision and rationale for the appeal.  
Section 504 Coordinator
Mount Holyoke College
Please note, the College has the right to deny a request for accommodations and services[*] (1) if an individual fails to provide the required documentation, (2) the provided documentation does not support the requested accommodation, (3) the student fails to make the request in a reasonable time period, (4) the requested accommodation poses a health or safety risk, (5) the requested accommodation imposes an undue financial or administrative burden, or (6) the requested accommodation would result in a fundamental alteration to a program, service, or activity. The College may also offer an alternative effective accommodation and will engage in an interactive process with the student regarding alternative accommodations. 

• [*] The Department of Education regulations for Section 504 provide that "aids, benefits, and services, to be equally effective, are not required to produce the identical result or level of achievement for handicapped and non-handicapped persons, but must afford handicapped persons equal opportunity to obtain the same result, to gain the same benefit, or to reach the same level of achievement, in the most integrated setting appropriate to the person's needs" (28 CFR 104.4 subset (2)).