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Technology Access

The Technology Access Coordinator is a resource for students who use or are interested in learning more about assistive technology at Mount Holyoke.  Available by appointment, the Technology Access Coordinator assesses and supports assistive technology needs on campus, coordinates the Alternative Format accommodations, and manages the Assistive Technology lab. 

Time slots are limited so scheduling early is advised.  Students may schedule one appointment at a time.  If a student needs to cancel an appointment, 24 hours notice is required. If a student misses three appointments without following cancellation guidelines, the student will not be permitted to work with the Technology Access Coordinator for the rest of the semester. Keep in mind if you are more than 15 minutes late, you may forfeit your appointment.

The Assistive Technology Lab (AT Lab) temporarily located in Reese Hall Room 228, offers a variety of assistive technology hardware and software tools designed to meet the needs of students with various disabilities. These programs can provide tools and strategies to assist students whose disability may present challenges with reading, writing, memory, or organization. Qualified students will have 24 hour access to the lab.

Please click here for more specific information about the technology available in this lab

If you would like to access the AT Lab or learn more about how these tools might be helpful to your individual learning needs, please contact AccessAbility Services to schedule an appointment.

Using Assistive Technology for Exams 

AccessAbility Services provides space for students who use assistive technology to take exams. Testing rooms can be reserved for use during regular office hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students are expected to take their exams the same day and time that the course meets. In the case of scheduling conflicts or disability related permission to stagger tests, students should request permission from their professors to test at a different time. We ask that students who need to test in AccessAbility Services schedule regular quizzes and tests one week in advance and finals two weeks in advance of an exam. Keep in mind that last minute scheduling may not always be accommodated. AccessAbility Services does not proctor exams and expects students to uphold the campus Honor Code.

Peer Fellows Program

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Services We Do Not Provide

Personal Care

The College is not responsible for providing any type of personal care. Students needing Personal Care Attendants are encouraged to contact their state agency that provides rehabilitation services.

Mobility Orientation

The College is not responsible for providing any type of mobility orientation. Students needing this type of service are encouraged to contact their state agency that provides rehabilitation services.

Psychoeducational Neurological Testing

AccessAbility Services does not provide any kind of Psychoeducational Neurological testing.

Mental Health Counseling

AccessAbility Services does not provide any type of mental health service. Please refer to Mount Holyoke's Counseling Center for more information.