Students requiring note-takers for their classes should make their requests as early as possible. Upon making the requests, students will be required to read and sign a note-taker contract that outlines the policies and procedures for this accommodation. The policies are as follows:

  • Note-takers are only approved for one semester. Students are required to renew their requests each semester.
  • Students must make their request to AccessAbility Services in a timely manner. It may take several weeks to identify and hire a note-taker.
  • Note-takers may not start working until they've been approved by AccessAbility Services and Human Resources.
  • Students must present their professor(s) with an accommodation letter.
  • Students must notify AccessAbility Services immediately if they drop or add a class.
  • If a note-taker is absent, or a note-taker has not yet been found, students may use a recording device until the note-taker returns or is hired.
  • Students will not receive notes for classes they miss, unless they provide AccessAbility Services with a doctor's note. Please note that it is AccessAbility Services' discretion as to whether the notes are given to the student.
  • Note-takers are only available for taking in-class notes. Students are not permitted to request anything additional of their note-taker, such as typing papers.