Reduced Courseload

Full Time Status with Reduced Course Load 

It is not uncommon for students with disabilities to withdraw from courses mid-semester due to medical, emotional or academic difficulties. While students are expected to be full-time, Mount Holyoke recognizes the need for some students with disabilities to have reduced course load as an accommodation. You must provide appropriate documentation of your disability in order to qualify for the reduced course load accommodation.  

There are some important factors to consider before dropping a course or requesting a reduced course load. Will this impact when you can graduate? Do you have a scholarship or financial aid and if so, will it cover you if you need to stay at MHC an additional semester or take a summer course at another college? Are certain courses/prerequisites for your major only offered alternating semesters? 

Before withdrawing from a course or requesting a reduced course load, students are strongly encouraged to speak with faculty and class advisors as well as someone from the Financial Aid office to discuss the implications as well as possible solutions. AccessAbility Services can also discuss helpful strategies and services, such as academic coaching, assistive technology, classroom accommodations and other support to help you stay on track. 

Withdrawing from the College and Refund Policy

If you are experiencing profound difficulty and are considering withdrawing from the college, you are strongly advised to speak with your faculty and class advisors as well as the Director of AccessAbility Services. We can listen to you, offer support and discuss options, which may include tutoring support, mental health counseling, trying different classroom accommodations or reducing your course load. If completely withdrawing from the college for the semester is your preference, your advisors will assist you in this process. We encourage you to speak with someone from Financial Aid to learn how this may affect your funding (if applicable) and check out the college's refund policy