Registering with AccessAbility Services

There are three steps to registering with AccessAbility Services. The college will provide disability-related accommodations and services after a student has completed all three steps and AccessAbility Services has determined that the student is eligible for disability accommodations in accordance with Section 504 and the ADA.

Step 1: Register on ISIS

Log in to ISIS and click on “Registering with AccessAbility Services”. Complete the “AccessAbility Services Registration Form” under the Academic Profile section. Please fill out all sections completely and submit the form once finished. Student should complete this form (rather than parents, guardians or counselors) unless she is physically unable to do so.

Step 2: Provide documentation

For disabilities in the category of sensory, mobility, psychological, ADHD, Autism or chronic health impairment, have your clinician fill out the Clinician Disability Certification Form and submit it to or fax to 413-538-2827.

If you have a learning disability, please submit your most recent psychoeducational evaluation. If the evaluation was prepared more than three years ago, you may be required to provide a more current evaluation.

Step 3: Schedule an intake appointment

Contact AccessAbility Services as soon as possible to schedule your intake appointment. If you are registering with AccessAbility Services when school is in session, you may come to the office for an in-person meeting. If you are registering when classes are not in session, you may schedule a phone appointment.

To schedule an appointment call 413-38-2634 or email Please note it may take up to two weeks to schedule an intake appointment. Avoid waiting to the last minute!

Please note: The obligations under Section 504 to a student in elementary and secondary school are different from the obligations in post-secondary school. As the OCR writes in its pamphlet for students preparing for post-secondary school. We encourage students to review this manual to understand the differences in the types of accommodations, supports, and services provided at the college level.

Schedule Intake Appointment Submit your documentation Register on ISIS