Event Accommodations

Making Campus Activities Accessible

Planning a campus event? Please put the following statement on your web and email announcements, paper invitations and flyers: If you plan to attend this event and would like to request disability accommodations, please contact (name of event organizer) at (phone and email) by (specific date).

If creating flyers, use high contrast, large print, and sans serif font.

Post events on the campus website so those with print disabilities can learn about the event.

When planning trips off campus, be prepared to have a means of transportation that is accessible for wheelchair users. If the trip involves staying over- night or visiting other facilities, inquire about accessibility.

People who use wheelchairs have friends and family. Consider this when planning seating.

When preparing handouts, consider having some large-print and braille copies.

Keep in mind that changing room locations, hiring sign language interpreters, providing captioning and arranging accessible transportation can take time. Allow adequate time for preparation.

Communicate with students who have disabilities for ideas and suggestions in event planning.

Contact AccessAbility Services for suggestions and assistance!

Students with disabilities requiring accommodations or information on accessibility in order to participate in student events hosted by the college, should contact AccessAbility Services preferably at least two weeks in advance so there is sufficient time to provide accommodations or relocate an event.