Housing Accommodation Request

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Submissions for this form are closed.

Incoming Students: Please complete this form by December 1st. Please also read and complete all instructions below. Late requests will be considered, but availability may be limited.

Housing Accommodation Qualifications

To qualify for housing accommodations, please complete the following three steps:

1. Register with AccessAbility Services

If you are not already registered, please visit Registering with AccessAbility Services for more information.

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation must include a recent evaluation by an appropriate, credentialed professional that makes evident following:

  • Diagnostic statement identifying the disability
  • Description of the expected duration and progression of the condition
  • Rationale and justification for all requested accommodations

Reports must be on letterhead and signed by a qualified professional. Appropriate professionals may include: school or clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and rehabilitation professionals. Qualified professionals cannot be family members.

This type of documentation validates the presence of a disability covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

2. Complete all sections of the request form below and submit by the appropriate deadline

Application Deadlines

New Students

  • For spring housing - submit by December 1st
  • For fall housing (good for full academic year) - submit by June 15th 

Returning Students

  • For spring housing - submit by December 1st
  • For fall housing (good for full academic year)- submit by March 1st

3. Schedule a housing accommodation appointment

Contact AccessAbility Services at 413-538-2634 to schedule a housing accommodation appointment with Deborah Cohen, Director of AccessAbility Services. Appointments must be completed within two weeks after the application deadline.

*If you are approved to live off campus or have a reduced or waived meal plan and you a receiving financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services about how this off-campus move will effect your financial aid package.  Note:  Mount Holyoke grant funding will be reduced when room and board charges are removed from the bill. 


Housing Accommodation Request Form