Welcome to AccessAbility Services!

AccessAbility Services was established to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities to all programs and activities at Mount Holyoke College. The efforts of AccessAbility Services are part of the college's overall commitment to diversity. 

Formerly Disability Services, the office changed to AccessAbility Services in June of 2012. This name change signifies our focus on the access of the college and the ability of each student. Our hope is to reduce the stigma that some students have expressed about coming to our office for assistance.

AccessAbility Services coordinates and provides accommodations and support services to students with all types of disabilities. Close to 300 students with documented disabilities are registered with the office. The college appreciates that everyone is unique; therefore each student who registers with AccessAbility Services is considered on a case by case basis. We provide appropriate and necessary accommodations and services while supporting each student in developing the skills to lead an independent life. The primary goal of AccessAbility Services is to assist individuals with disabilities in reaching their maximum educational potential here at the college.

Under the umbrella of Student Affairs, AccessAbility Services collaborates with all departments of the college to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all college programs and services. AccessAbility Services engages in proactive institutional planning to ensure that the college is meeting the diverse needs of the student body. We welcome feedback, suggestions and volunteer support. AccessAbility Services calls upon the entire college community to facilitate and advocate for the best campus environment possible for students with disabilities.