You Are Not Alone

AccessAbility Services understands that students may feel shy or uncomfortable registering with our office. It is important for students to know that we keep all information confidential; not even your professors will know information regarding your disability. Registering with AccessAbility Services will not show on your transcripts. No one, outside of our office, will know that you have a disability, unless you feel they should. 

We have close to 300 students registered with our office. You are not alone; many people within our college and throughout the world have a disability. You are fully capable of achieving your dreams, no matter your situation. It is within your rights to receive help and accommodations. Everyone needs help sometimes in order to succeed. There is no shame in asking AccessAbility Services for assistance. 

Please take the time to consider identifying yourself to AccessAbility Services. We make it our mission to support students through all aspects of college life, whether it is academic or social. We want to help you fulfill your dreams!