Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project (ADAP)

The use of alcohol and other drugs affects all of our lives—whether or not we choose to use them.

Are you concerned about yourself or someone you know?  Please check out our new brochure to see how The Alcohold and Drug Awareness Project can help. 

The Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project (ADAP) works to increase awareness and understanding in the campus community about these issues. The approach of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project centers on the belief that each individual is a person of worth and dignity and is capable of change. This attitude of realistic hope is foremost in the philosophy of the Project’s services. We work to provide individuals with the capability to identify factors associated with alcohol and other drug use, misuse, and dependence problems. We believe that supportive and therapeutic counseling services are effective methods of helping people resolve their problems. We work to develop an effective treatment system that provides for early intervention and prevention of the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs. Assessment, counseling, education and support services are available. All services are free and confidential. The Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project respects the confidential nature of information shared in its programs and functions in compliance with Federal Regulation 42CFR, Part 2.

Alcohol and other drug counseling, both individual and group, is available for students who may be experiencing problems with alcohol or other drugs or are in recovery; those who have concerns about a significant other or who feel they have been affected by another's drinking or other drug use.

  • Students may self refer for an individual confidential counseling appointment.
  • Consultation is available for individuals and departments concerned about another's use of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Substance abuse prevention and education services include workshops and trainings for student and staff, campus wide events (speakers, panel presentations, theater performances), and media outreach.
  • Students are invited to attend recovery lunches.

If you have an alcohol or other drug emergency at night or on a weekend, or you are unable to reach the Alcohol and Drug Awareness therapist during regular hours, call the Mount Holyoke College Health Services at x2242 or from off-campus 413-538-2242.