ADAP Alumnae Network

This Network of over 150 recovering alumnae provides support to members of the college community who are exploring issues related to their own use of alcohol and/or other drugs, or those who are affected by another's use of alcohol or other drugs. It also brings together alumnae with a professional interest in alcohol and other drug related issues, who act as a resource to the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project.

You can assist students in recovery, or those considering recovery in the following ways:

  •  Through personal contact (in person, by telephone or email)

  •  By accompanying a student to a 12-step meeting

  •  Chairing a recovery meeting on campus during Reunion and Family weekends

  •  Sharing your experience, strength and hope by speaking on a panel on campus

Those who work in the fields of recovery and chemical dependency and those who support the Project and its efforts, are welcome and can assist in helping the college community to better understand chemical dependency, its effects on individuals and others and the recovery process.

Your personal information is strictly confidential and maintained by the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project and not shared with the Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association.

Confidential Alumnae Intake Form

 Stories of Recovery

We hope these alumnae personal accounts will provide an understanding of addiction and its impact and how help is accessed. Identifying information has been changed to protect the writer's confidentiality.