Concerned Faculty/Staff

A student does not have to be dependent on alcohol or other drugs to contact ADAP

If you are worried that a students misuse of alcohol and drugs maybe impacting them, you are well positioned to communicate your concerns and to refer the student to ADAP.  We need your help to reach out to students who may be having difficulty with alcohol or other drugs.  You can also contact ADAP confidentially if you have questions about the behavior of someone who you think might have a problem.

Signs that indicate you might want to intervene

  • The student appears to be under the influence while in class
  • Daily functioning is impaired
  • Increased tardiness and absences, especially on Mondays or Fridays
  • Decreased attention
  • Deterioration in academic performance
  • Excessive requests for extensions and special favors
  • Deterioration of personal hygiene
  • Significant weight loss or gain
  • Frequent illness or injury
  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Poor judgment
  • Difficulty with decision-making
  • Changes in behavior
  • Decreased motivation or energy
  • Episodes of irritability, defensiveness, agitation, or unexplained hostility
  • Excessive references to alcohol or other drug use; frequent conversations about drinking
  • The student or someone else has expressed concerns about their use of alcohol or other drugs

For more information please refer to the ADAP Brochure