Policy:   All members of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project staff are mandated to protect the confidentiality of the client and all information relating to the client, client’s condition, diagnosis, family background, academic record, work history, and any other facts which are known to the ADAP staff. 


1.  No information regarding a client may be released to any agency or individual, nor may information about the client be sought from other agencies without the client’s express, written permission together with an explanation to client of why information is needed either by the ADAP staff or by an outside entity. 

2.  ADAP staff are required to read and verbalize an understanding of the Federal Confidentiality Laws and sign a statement which is kept in their personnel file in the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project director’s office.                    

3.  Any questions about the release of client information should be directed to the ADAP Director for disposition. 

4.  The dignity and integrity of each client must be of major concern to all members of the ADAP staff, and the client’s rights as an individual must be respected.