Alumnae Admission Representative Role Description

The Alumna Admission Representative (AAR) serves as the liaison between the Office of Admission, her assistants, and prospective students in her region. She is provided with the inquiry list of prospective students for her region, as well as pertinent campus updates. The AAR is fully supported in her efforts by the Office of Admission. She works closely with the staff member who travels in her area and with the program coordinator. The AAR’s primary duties, which are often delegated to her assistants (if she has any), are as follows:

Inquiry List:

The AAR is asked to contact students on the inquiry list by mail, email, or telephone and address students’ questions and concerns (Inquiry lists are often divided by the AAR and dispersed to assistants).

College Fairs:

The AAR will be sent invitations to college fairs when it has been determined that a fair should be covered by an alumna. She should inform the Office of Admission if she plans to attend the fair, or delegate it to a willing assistant.


If a student requests a local interview, she is given the name and number of the appropriate alumna contact (usually the AAR, but sometimes an assistant).

Mount Holyoke Events:

The AAR is asked to assist in the planning and implementation of various types of functions for prospective students and their parents.

Coordinate Volunteers (Assistants):

If the AAR has assistants she is expected to contact them, delegate responsibilities to them accordingly, and keep them informed of admission information.

Contact with the Office of Admission:

The AAR should inform the Admission Office of alumnae recruiting efforts in her area. This includes submitting event report forms and college fair reports.

Contact with Local Clubs:

If there is a local MHC club in the area, the AAR is encouraged to communicate with the club president, keeping her informed of admission activities in the region. Clear communication between AARs and Alumnae Clubs is vital to the success of admission efforts. In some regions Alumnae Admission Volunteers are very much a part of the local Alumnae Club. In other areas, the club and the Alumnae Admission Program can be quite separate. There is no “right” way of organizing these groups. However, the Office of Admission recommends that the AAR keep the club, particularly the club president, informed of her admission work. Also, at certain times, AARs may wish to coordinate with the local club in planning events.