Alumnae Admission Volunteers

In order to have personal contact with prospective students, the Admission staff relies upon dedicated alumnae who exemplify the many ways in which a Mount Holyoke education can shape a student’s future. The alumnae admission program is comprised of more than 300 volunteers around the world who serve as AARs or assistant volunteers, and assist the Office of Admission in three ways:

  • Interviewing prospective students: Interviewers meet with prospective students in their area for a conversation about the student and their interest in Mount Holyoke. The alumna submits an interview report that is included in the student’s application for admission. Interviews are conducted throughout the year, though most take place October - January.
  • Representing MHC at college fairs: Volunteers may also represent Mount Holyoke at college fairs where they will answer general questions about the College and share their MHC experience with prospective students and families. The necessary materials are provided by the Office of Admission. College fairs take place throughout the year but are most frequent in the spring and fall.
  • Hosting events for prospective and admitted students: We encourage volunteers to congratulate and celebrate students who have been admitted to Mount Holyoke. Regions with a large number of alumnae and admitted students often host events; other regions choose to acknowledge students in a more individualized way. Some regions host additional summer and fall events, for incoming students and prospective students, respectively.

Alumnae can expect to commit 3-10 hours per year to volunteer activities (depending on their role and geographic region). If you are interested in volunteering, please email for more information.

Eligibility to volunteer

Alumnae admission volunteers should be able to speak about Mount Holyoke with enthusiasm and pride. In addition, they should be knowledgeable about campus activities and must be able to describe the current student experience.

Volunteers assist in recruiting first-year and transfer students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. Prospective students expect to meet with individuals who have completed a degree at the college therefore, alumnae admission volunteers must hold an undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke. Other prohibitions for volunteer eligibility include potential conflicts of interest:

  • Working in admission for another college or university.
  • Working as a college counselor, independent consultant or another field related to college admission.
  • Volunteering for an admission office at another institution.
  • Having a child or sibling applying to college (though volunteers may join after that particular admission cycle concludes).

If any of these circumstances apply to you, we are happy to chat about other ways you can volunteer for the College.

If you have any questions about the Alumnae Admission Program, please email