How to Apply

Mount Holyoke seeks intellectually curious applicants who understand the value of a liberal arts education and are driven by a love of learning. As a women's college that is gender diverse, we welcome applications from female, trans and non-binary students. Admission to MHC is competitive and highly selective. Read more about who studies at Mount Holyoke.

Students can apply for first-year admission using either the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Both the Common Application and Coalition Application receive equal consideration in our admission process, and Mount Holyoke does not have a preference for one over the other.

To apply, please submit the following:

*Students Schooled in the United States

First year: For regular decision applicants currently enrolled in secondary school, Mount Holyoke requires the submission of midyear grades in order to consider an application complete. If you attend an institution that does not provide midyear grades, please contact us.

*Students Schooled Outside the United States

Mount Holyoke requires submission of grades from the current school year. Most schools offer a midyear or semester transcript of current-year performance in January or February. February 15 is a firm deadline to receive the transcript, so candidates whose school is closed in January or February must ask a school counselor or other school official to submit a transcript of performance in current coursework (even if the results are for less than a full semester) prior to the school break. Applicants who have completed their secondary school studies should request a final school transcript in lieu of the midyear or semester grades.

International applicants should check out our Video Tips for valuable information about preparing your application and tracking its progress.

Students without access to the internet should contact the Office of Admission by phone (413-538-2023), or by email to discuss options to complete the application.

Apply as a Transfer

Apply as a Frances Perkins Scholar