Audrey Hildebrandt

Admission Tour Guide

Audrey Hildebrandt, class of 2016, is a Neuroscience and Behavior major with a tentative dance minor. In the future, she hopes to combine these two interests by researching the neural processes underlying dance and dance biomechanics while pursuing a career in dance performance. She is a member of the Victory Eights A Cappella group, works as a student researcher in the Gillis Lab, and participates in the dance performances throughout the five colleges. In previous years, she has been involved in the 2016 Class Board as the Vice President, rowed on the crew team, and worked as a research assistant to Professor Francine Deutsch in the Department of Psychology. During the summer of 2014, she interned in Gary Gillis's lab at MHC studying the comparative biomechanics of landing in toads and bullfrogs. In her free time, she visits her friends at the local colleges and explores coffee shops and bookstores in the surrounding towns.  She mentioned, “I love the active and passionate students at Mount Holyoke-- everyone is highly involved in extracurricular activities and each person brings a unique experience and perspective to every group!”