Caitlyn Dargel

Tour Guide

Caitlyn Dargel, class of 2017, is from northern New Jersey.  She is an English Major, with minors in chemistry and economics.  Reflective of her areas of study, she has a liberal arts student mindset and a wide range of thoughts about her future, ranging from finance to consulting to philanthropic work.  She is a certified EMT and on campus she is involved in the Student Philanthropy Committee, the Mount Holyoke Entrepreneurship Club, and really enjoys her work with prospective students!  She can be found grabbing sushi around the Pioneer valley with her friends, or jogging around Upper Lake.  She admires the unique bond that Mount Holyoke alumnae, students, and faculty share, and wants prospective students to know that “when you are on campus or in class, you can feel a certain mutual respect - it’s palpable - and [she thinks] that the incredible diversity of the student body is responsible for it.”  One of the highlights of her junior year was when her economics professor asked her to get coffee, “and not the other way around!”  She spent last summer as an Analyst at a Financial Technology startup in NYC, Gust Equity Management, and previously spent previous summers interning at a hospital, learning to code, and on an international service trip.