Caitlyn Dargel

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Caitlyn Dargel, class of 2017, double majors in English and Chemistry.  She is the Treasurer of the Mount Holyoke College Republicans, a member of the Pre-Medical Association, and a member of the Outing Club. She will be a Teaching Assistant for a first-year chemistry lab during Fall 2014. Last semester, she completed an EMT certification course and hopes to be a part of MERT (Mount Holyoke Emergency Response Team). During the summer of 2014, Caitlyn interned in the research department at Hackensack University Medical Center. She spends her free time reading, enjoying M&C's, going with friends to downtown Amherst and jogging around Upper Lake. Caitlyn mentioned, “at Mount Holyoke, you are constantly told that you can change the world. What makes Mount Holyoke special is that the professors and administrators never let you forget your potential - I don't know many other colleges that go out of the way to make their students feel that way!”  After graduating, Caitlyn is planning to go to medical school.