Claire Fahrner

Admission Tour Guide

Claire Fahrner, class of 2016, is an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Geosciences.  She is an active member of the varsity Rowing team and the Treasurer for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. During the school year, besides being a tour guide, she is the manager for the MHC Swim Team as well as working for the Sports Information Office keeping stats for the different sports teams and their games. She mentioned, “rowing demands a lot of my free time be spent in Kendall, our gym on campus, but when I am not working out, I enjoy studying in Kendade (the main science building on campus), spending time with my roommates, teammates, and friends, and eating meals in Wilder (the best dining hall on campus!).”  You can find Claire hanging out at the MHC boathouse. “It's about a mile away from campus, and I love being able to go there anytime I want and admire the beautiful view of the Connecticut river from the dock.”