MHC Preview Weekend: Cultural Center Evening Activity Proposal Form

The Office of Admission will host Evening Activities at the Cultural Centers during MHC Preview Weekend on Sunday, April 9, 2017, from 8-10pm for admitted students. We seek proposals for interactive evening activities at the Cultural Centers that honor and celebrate the history and purpose of the ACE, Betty, Eliot, Ortega, Marks, and Zowie houses. Previous evening activities at the cultural centers for MHC Preview Weekend included:

  • Making and reading zines and drinking tea at the Marks House
  • Creative writing activites and ice cream sundaes at the Eliana Ortega House
  • Spa night at the Zowie House
  • Music, refreshments, and dialogue at the Betty
  • Speed-faithing activities at the Eliot House

To propose an activity, please complete and submit the form below.

Position in Org/Cultural Center, or if your student org is collaborating with another student org, please specify here.
Please provide a detailed outline of the evening activity that you propose. We will use this description on the flyer provided to prospective students.
Check all that apply.
The Office of Admission will reimburse up to $75 for any food/supplies requested for cultural center evening activities. Please be as specific as possible when including amount of materials needed. For example, how many bottles of soda, how many cups and napkins. We will contact you if we have questions about your request.
Please specify audio/visual or technical equipment you will need for your evening activity.