Admission Application Essay Contest Results

2012-2013 Results

1. What do you miss most from your childhood?
- Katie (Hadley, MA)
2. If you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be?
- Hyun Ji (Eugene, OR)
3. If you could keep one photo for the rest of your life, who or what would be in the photo?
Joyce (Yorkville, IL)
4. Are you a dreamer, a doer, or a thinker? In what aspects of your life can this be seen?
- Lauren (Arden Hills, MN)
5 What details do you find yourself continuously observing in different situations?
- Ryan (Charlottesville, VA)
6. Respond to the prompt: I wish someone would ask me...
- Emma (Montclair, NJ)
7. If you had a nickel for every time a person said something about you, what would that statement be to make you rich? Does this statement accurately reflect your personality?
- Shireen (Wichita, KS)
8. When have your initial expectations of a person/place/experience been most challenged? How have you learned not to judge a book by its cover?
- Tessa (Media, PA)
9. If you had to live without your phone and without internet for a month, how would your daily activities change? For what would you use the extra time?
- Ana (Millington, TN)
10. Have you ever influenced another's life? Describe the event and its effect on the person and you.
- Kiri (Mason, MI)