International Specialists

These students assist directors in the Office of Admission in strategic recruitment of international students. They also serve as liaisons between the Office of Admission and international prospective students by corresponding with prospective students who have questions about life at Mount Holyoke.

Photo of Leora Ferrari ’21
“I believe that Mount Holyoke will give me an outstanding education in science that no other college could match.”
Photo of Chloe Crabb ’20
“My favorite places on campus are the greenhouse and the library. The Chihuly sculpture is gorgeous; the glass ceiling is a great place to watch storms.”
Photo of Unwanaabasi Abasiurua ’21
“My ultimate goal is to be a psycholinguist, but I definitely want to teach for a bit. I’m also very interested in translation and interpretation.”
Photo of Jay Eveson ’20
“I’m really interested in helping the community understand autism as a culture, as opposed to the disorder it has commonly been understood to be.”
Photo of Tumi Moloto ’20
“The academics were what intrigued me initially, but I love MHC’s commitment to social change and the betterment of society.”
This is a photo of Farah Rawas '17 standing in front of the Community Center construction site.
Through its engineering and sustainability programs, Mount Holyoke has given Farah Rawas ’17 the resources she needs to help her community in Beirut.
Photo of Ivy Monterose FP’20
“I want to work in the intersections of mental health and gender identity with young adults. I want to help young people become their authentic selves.”
Molly Paige FP’18 is directing “Bull in a China Shop,” the new play by Bryna Turner ’12.
Molly Paige FP’18 rekindled a love of theater when she came to Mount Holyoke. Now she’s directing “Bull in a China Shop,” the new play by Bryna Turner ’12.
Photo of Sophia Hess ’22
“My art is somewhere between surreal and abstract and I love that I can shape the ocean’s beauty into something of my own.”
Photo of Waner (Sylvia) Zhou ’21
“I chose MHC because I want to make friends with strong, confident, independent women and be surrounded by an inclusive and supportive atmosphere.”
Photo of Noor Aftab ’21
“I’m really aiming to be an astronomer or an astrophysicist. When I look up at the sky, I’m constantly reminded of how staggering our universe is.”
Mayor Cruz
Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, will speak at Mount Holyoke College on Thursday, April 26, 2018.
Photo of Maya Mauroof ’22
“Anyone who finds herself at Mount Holyoke can do wonders in terms of intellectual and personal growth. It’s the kind of place where I can thrive.”
Photo of Virginia Butt ’21
“Mount Holyoke was the first campus that truly felt diverse and supportive to me. The dedication the school has to empowering women deeply spoke to me.”
Mount Holyoke iconic gates, with the clock tower in the background.
Mount Holyoke welcomes one of the most competitive classes in the College's history. The College’s acceptance rate has dropped 15 points, from 51% to 36%.
This is an aerial view of the Mount Holyoke campus, gothic style buildings against greenery, with a lake in the foreground.
A year after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, Mount Holyoke continues to offer scholarships to those affected.
Photo of Maya Fontanez ’21
“I chose Mount Holyoke because it seems like I will be accepted for who I am. I am impressed with the focus on helping students develop leadership skills.”
Photo of Sara Ajmal Safi ’21
“I plan to utilize entrepreneurial opportunities in Afghanistan, as it is an emerging market with many openings, eventually joining politics.”
Photo of Iyana Alleyne ’22
“The idea of being surrounded by powerful women all working together to achieve their goals really struck a chord. I want to be with that kind of energy.”
Firstie Focus on: Ragan Kelly ’22
“My proudest moment might be finishing the 100-mile Tevis Cup endurance race riding alongside my mom when I was 12. My love for adventure has only grown.”
Mya Wright '21
Growing up, Mya Wright ’21 bounced between homes and weathered a wave of family tragedies. Now at MHC she's considering a pre-med track.
Photo of Lu Vincent FP’21
“Mount Holyoke appeals to my sense of community. Admission and the Frances Perkins Program affiliates have been amazing and have made me feel welcome.”
Photo of Amelia Easley ’21
“The people and the community at Mount Holyoke are easily the biggest draws, as well as the incredible resources for geology students.”
Photo of Kessh Bhasiin ’22
“Chess has helped me foster relationships, discover neuroscience, and the ability to sit at a board and concentrate for four to five hours at a stretch.”
Photo of Madelaine (Lainie) LaRonde ’20
“Mount Holyoke is mysterious yet welcoming — I feel as though there are a million quirky things and people to discover, and all of them will be wonderful.”
This is the logo of The Diana Award.
Posse Scholar Emily Wolman ’22 put together a club to tackle bullying in her high school and received the Diana Award for her work upholding her community.
Photo of Key Estime ’21
“There is a feeling of intense purpose and collaboration on the campus. I have felt very supported as a first-generation, low-income student.”
Photo of students enjoying the views on Mountain Day
They are physicists, authors and artists. They hail from more than 50 countries and 48 of our 50 states. And they have one thing in common: Mount Holyoke.
Photo of Saee Chitale ’22
“Wherever I am in 10 years, I want to be part a group of people who are making this world a better place and creating jobs that no one’s ever heard of.”
The MHC Dining Commons includes made-to-order wok dishes.
Welcome to the Dining Commons, which offers cuisine from around the world, extended hours and unlimited swipes in a spacious and modern setting.
Aerial photo of the Mount Holyoke campus
In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Mount Holyoke College is offering scholarships for students in Puerto Rico.
Photo of Leen Rhazi ’22
“Why Mount Holyoke? Where do I even start? I am so grateful to be attending an institution that is both inclusive and empowering.”