Apply as an International Guest Student

Through Mount Holyoke College’s International Guest Student (IGS) program, international students spend either a semester or a year studying in the United States at Mount Holyoke College. International Guest Students may choose to enroll for one or two semesters, but must begin their MHC studies in the fall semester. Students may attend either during a gap year or during their university studies. If you have completed at least secondary (high school) education, we invite you to apply as an International Guest Student.

The IGS program helps students decide whether or not they wish to pursue a degree in the United States. Many enjoy their Mount Holyoke experience so much that they enroll full-time at the College. Other students are not interested in earning an American degree but want to experience the academic and social aspects of life on a U.S. college campus. Still, others have completed a university degree in one discipline, but want to explore a completely different academic area and explore courses not offered at home. For most students, the liberal arts experience is the primary reason they study at Mount Holyoke.

Dates & Deadlines

April 1 - IGS application is available

May 1 - Deadline to submit all application documents (see checklist below)

May 15 - Notification of IGS admission decision

June 1 - USD 700 non-refundable enrollment deposit due

Mid-June - Housing deadline*

July 31 - Full payment of fall semester bill due**

*Students register for courses and are assigned housing during the summer.

**The housing, course registration and SEVIS account will be cancelled for any student whose bill is not paid in full on July 31.  

International Guest students are not eligible to receive need-based financial aid or academic scholarships and are required to live on campus during their time at Mount Holyoke.

How to Apply

To begin the IGS application, click here. Choose the "Create an account" link as a "First-time user." Then, select the "2017 Fall IGS" application term.

To complete the IGS application, please submit the following documents through the online application by May 1:

  • The completed online application, which includes the following:
    • An official copy of your secondary school academic record (transcript) provided by a school official.
    • An official copy of your college or university academic record (transcript) provided by a school official confirming your current enrollment, if applicable.
    • One letter of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor.  
      • This letter should be from someone qualified to report on your proficiency in English (if English is not your first language) and your overall academic performance.
    • Two written statements, in English. One personal essay and one short answer that answers the questions asked in the online application.
    • Official English proficiency score report Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) if English is not your native language.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources (Certification of Finances form or a bank statement showing account balance) to support your expenses while at Mount Holyoke. Note that International Guest students do not qualify for need-based financial aid or merit scholarships.
    • After you submit your IGS application, you will see an application checklist in our application portal, from here, you can access the Certification of Finances form and upload the document directly on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an IGS student, will I be able to choose my own courses? Yes! There are no set course requirements for IGS students. You may choose the courses you are interested during your time at Mount Holyoke.

Can I apply for financial aid or merit scholarships? No. IGS applicants are not eligible for financial aid or scholarships.

Will I be able to live on campus? Yes! All IGS students live on campus.

What are the total costs of the program? You can view the tuition, room & board (housing and food), and fees here for the full academic year. If you are applying for fall semester only, the costs will be half. Please remember that in addition to tuition, room & board, and fees, IGS students will need to budget for visa fees, travel, health insurance, books, and personal expenses.


Email the International Student Guest program.