Kiera Sapp

Student Tour Guide

Kiera Sapp, class of 2017, is a prospective Biology major. She has worked for the past four summers at UMass Medical School in Worcester in a research lab studying ALS. In her free time, she likes to keep things pretty low key. Kiera and her friends will often rent a projector from the library and gather to watch a movie or play Wii dancing games on the big screen. She mentioned, “I love that MHC caters toward such a diverse crowd. Coming from a small suburban town north of Boston, MHC offers an exciting, new experience for all of it's students in terms of diversity. In my first semester alone I met students from at least 10 different countries, and I really enjoyed hearing their stories and how they came to call Mount Holyoke home.” Kiera’s favorite place on campus is the small study rooms on the 6th floor of the library. She can be found there almost every day of the year.