Kiera Sapp

Harriet Newhall Fellow

Kiera Sapp, class of 2017, is a Biochemistry major and an Anthropology minor. Kiera is from North Reading, MA, and her mother graduated from Mount Holyoke (also as a Green Griffin) in 1989. On campus, Kiera works in a research lab in the biology department studying autophagic cell death in fruit flies, and she enjoys craft nights and baking with friends. She has enjoyed summer research opportunities at UMass Medical School studying stress granule formation in relation to ALS, and at MIT studying  molecular cloning techniques to make a novel GFP reporter. She’s also studied histone modifications in relation to pediatric cancers. Kiera can be found in the Info Commons of the library most days of the week, and she prides herself in maintaining the residence hall room that her friends migrate to for homework each evening. Kiera plans to begin graduate school toward a PhD in biology after graduation.